Keep Out!

Keep Out!

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By Lee Mothes

Build your own unique backyard playhouse. In this inspiring guide, Lee Mothes shows you how easy it is to construct the hideout of your kids’ dreams. With simple step-by-step instructions and plenty of innovative ideas to engage kids throughout the building process, the whole family can get involved in the fun. You’ll love constructing a personalized clubhouse with your kids, and your kids will enjoy playing in it for years to come. Just don’t forget the secret password. 


“…filled with nostalgic charm, the projects are cleanly broken down and quite manageable, with lots of tips for both kids and adults. … Any interested kid or adult can build a clubhouse with this book in hand. Fantastic advice and encouragement make each project approachable. … A great addition to any building collection—highly recommended.”

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March 26, 2013