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Spring Magic - Spring Nature Activities

Though it may have arrived a bit later than usual, spring has finally settled here in Tennessee, and with spring comes some of the Earth’s most wonderful gifts. 


As we were out and about yesterday, my husband casually remarked to me, “I think there is magic in the in-betweens.”  He was referring to the change in seasons and how the onset of each season seems to bring a renewed beauty to the world.

That moment when the abundance of growth in Summer overwhelms you, the initial scent of wet and decaying leaves in Autumn, the first baby snowflakes of Winter, and certainly the faint flush of green that can only be found at the beginning of Spring: 

there is a bit of magic there. 

As the cycle makes its turn each season, we see how the vast and diverse world around us breathes in unison to create a remarkable home for us to thrive in.  And if we allow our families the space to soak in that magic, we find ourselves taken in by the peaceful utility of what is occurring around us.

The worries of our hearts tend to shrink when we see the complexities of Earth play out seamlessly.  Our own lives become dwarfed by the enormity of the world around us, and the things that were troubling us seem to find a place to rest when immersed in nature.   When we allow our souls to be stilled by the serenity of the Earth, we often even find solutions to our personal struggles. 

So as spring moves in, allow yourself and your children to enjoy its wonders.  Be intentional about making time to appreciate it.  Stop by the park and take a 15-minute nature hike on your way home from gymnastics.  Eat dinner on a picnic blanket in the yard one evening.  Wake up a few minutes early to have a cup of coffee (or cocoa for the kids) on the porch and watch the birds busy themselves searching for worms. 

These first days of spring will be gone before you know it, so be sure to make time to embrace the in-between.  While you may regret the days spent worrying over an unpleasant conversation, the hours spent arguing about homework assignments, the minutes spent shopping for something you didn’t really need, I am certain you won’t regret taking a few moments with your family to breathe in the crisp spring air and enjoy some of the most fundamental blessings of our existence.

Happy spring, y’all!