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Man Makes Fire, or Does He? - Life Skills Series

Around the corner from my house is a tourist attraction that charges $50 to sit by a bonfire, and every weekend as the sun begins to drop low on the horizon, hundreds of cars flood our little country road to take part in the fire magic. 

I’ve tried understanding this curious phenomenon.  Why would we pay to have a fire made for us?

Inwardly, I know something indescribable happens when we sit around the orange flames. It seems it’s the place where memories are made.

Like a magnet to the human heart, the red flower has a way of drawing us in--so much so, I guess some of us will hand over a Grant to be able to partake.  

Yet I can't help but find it odd that fire has been fundamental to human existence since the beginning of time, and as the case of my agritourism neighbor illustrates, it is a skill which is strangely becoming lost.   

I can't count the number of times I have been in a setting where everyone wanted a fire, but no one knew how to start it without a can of lighter fluid.  And once it was started, they didn't seem to know how to feed it either.

This is a problem, y'all. 

How about we donate our fifty bucks to charity and reclaim the knowledge that should have been ours from the start?

It's not hard, and to demonstrate just how simple it can be, I recruited a very special 7-year-old to make a video for us.  Watch his quick presentation on starting and maintaining a fire to get you going, and if you don’t have a yard where you can put your skills to the test, check out your local city and state parks, as most of them have designated areas where fires are allowed.

That wasn't so difficult, was it? 

And now we're left with no excuse.

So let's go gather some friends, think up a few lofty thoughts to discuss while sitting around our fires, and get out the door!