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“My Kid Hates Vegetables!” - Garden Series

“That’s gross!  I don’t want to eat that!”

Have you ever heard those words spoken by a child when given a serving of veggies?  Maybe you’ve heard them from your own child?

Don’t worry.  It’s not uncommon to have a little one who doesn’t like vegetables.  Breads and sweets tend to be much more pleasing and palatable than the widely varying and unique flavors of veggies.

If this is the case with your child, you may think planting a garden would be a waste of time.  “They wouldn’t eat any of it anyway, so what’s the point?!”

However, I would propose the exact opposite.  A family garden may in fact be the solution to your he-gags-if-it’s-green problem.

To demonstrate my proposition, I ask you this:

Which would your child cherish more –  a picture you found on the internet and printed off for him or a picture he spent an hour drawing for himself?

We all know the answer to this.  It’s the latter.  It’s always the latter.

You see, when a child has a direct connection to the creation of an object, it will always be more lovely than an object he has no connection to.  The creation of food is no different.  Many children who “don’t like peas” will gobble them up straight off the vine when they grow them.

So while your child may not like grocery store vegetables, he will almost certainly be willing to try the vegetables he has grown himself.

A great resource for sparking the interest of gardening in your child is the book, Gardening with Emma.  This beautiful little book is written from the perspective of a child and is excellent at helping kids start their gardens. 

My boys actually used this book as a guide for their own personal gardens this year, and it has been their greatest gardening year yet.  They planned everything out in great detail (including an amazing corn fort!) and have been bringing in their bountiful harvest daily! 

You can check the book out (and all of our other gardening resources) here: